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Fall 2010 | BW Large Format Photography

Everything about today’s world is digital, and photography is no different.  I have to admit, digital photography has a lot more room for error and it is very convenient.

Back in photography school, I had the privilege of learning how to use all sorts of traditional format cameras — 35mm, medium format, large format — and looking back, I am very thankful for the opportunity. (Although it set me back 2 years in college, but who doesn’t love being in college? Go dawgs!)

The fall of 2010 is when I found my true love: the Toyo 4×5 field  (large format) camera.

If you’re not familiar, it’s the one where you have to throw a black cape over your head to see the shot. One of these guys:

This camera changed everything.  It changed the way I viewed photography, and the way I composed and shot my photos.  It made me view digital photography differently, both the good and the bad.  The bad was that no digital camera could compete to the richness in quality and resolution to a large format camera.  It also made me realize how much I relied on taking 4-5 shots with digital to get the perfect shot vs. getting the perfect shot on the first try.  Using the large format taught me to spend just as much time perfecting my shot on the first try using my digital, instead of getting carried away with the shutter button.

There’s more to discuss on this later — for now, here are a few of my prints from the fall 2010 semester. The general theme was to capture each individual in their own element. They did whatever was most comfortable to them.



















The Jeong Family | McDaniel Farm Park

It’s been a long time! I’ve been so busy at the office + moving/settling into my new place that I’ve neglected to update the blog with all the photos I’ve taken.

A few months ago, I received a message from my friend Jason to take some photos of his family. I was excited about the shoot since the last I’d seen Jason and his wife Laura was on Caden’s first birthday back in 2011 — and now he had a younger brother! Time really does fly.

We had a lot of rain this past summer, so we scheduled for a date in mid-August, hoping for some sunshine.  A month later, it was still rainy, but we were fortunate enough to catch a few rain-free hours one Saturday morning, so we headed to McDaniel Farm Park for some family photos! Landon is in the blue polo and Caden in the green polo — and man, did I fall in love with these boys. Too adorable!





Athens, GA | 35mm Landscape Triptychs

I know it’s been a while but I’ve been super busy with work and doctor’s visits.

I’m not quite the landscape photographer, but a 35mm color photography class in college pushed me to explore this area.  Naturally, I travelled to my favorite place in Athens to experiment.  It has the most spectacular scenery, and on some mornings you’ll see the entire area filled will low fog making it so eerily beautiful.  I’m going back to my old stomping grounds on May 4 – 5 for a conference, so I’m hoping I can get some of those shots then.

All of these shots were taken with my Canon A2E 35mm camera with a 50mm 1.4 lens.

This second triptych is located near the school’s intramural fields.  I’m sad to say this was a late discovery, but nevertheless, I came back for several photoshoots here before my life was consumed in the photo labs as I prepared for my exhibition and graduation.

Hopefully with some holidays coming up this summer, I’ll have some more time to shoot something fresh.  Stay tuned!

Rewind 2008: Atlantic Station Photoshoot


Several years ago, I had some friends that were really into filmmaking.  I came on board as the “on-stage” photographer and I have to admit it was a lot of fun.

This one particular set of photos was for a music video for the song 사랑인걸 (It is Love) by Mose.  We went to Atlantic Station and it was nice because it was nearly abandoned because of the rain that day and was the perfect setting for the song.

So here is your star actor for today, Sangwon Kim.


Rewind 2009: 35mm Photography

Back in 2009, I was taking an intermediate photography class at UGA with an amazing professor and photographer, Mary Ruth Moore.

She was really the first person to ever acknowledge that I had an eye for photos and made me think about whether or not I could pursue this in the long-term.  I’ll be honest, I appreciated but ignored her initial comments and went on doing what I thought I was meant to do.  Clearly, the other path didn’t work out and I humbly came back to Mary Ruth and she welcomed me as her student.

I will say that taking traditional photos really made me understand and appreciate photography a lot more.  The entire process from loading the film, taking photos, unloading and developing the film, observing, and then spending hours upon hours chemically printing each shot in the darkroom really helped me hone my skills as an artist.  I feel like that experience overall helped me learn the beauty photography and I think all photographers should step away from their digital SLRs and learn what it feels like to create beautiful art manually from beginning to end.  I’ll tell you — it is one of the most rewarding and gratifying experiences.

With that said, here are some of my works from my second year.