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Rewind 2009: 35mm Photography

Back in 2009, I was taking an intermediate photography class at UGA with an amazing professor and photographer, Mary Ruth Moore.

She was really the first person to ever acknowledge that I had an eye for photos and made me think about whether or not I could pursue this in the long-term.  I’ll be honest, I appreciated but ignored her initial comments and went on doing what I thought I was meant to do.  Clearly, the other path didn’t work out and I humbly came back to Mary Ruth and she welcomed me as her student.

I will say that taking traditional photos really made me understand and appreciate photography a lot more.  The entire process from loading the film, taking photos, unloading and developing the film, observing, and then spending hours upon hours chemically printing each shot in the darkroom really helped me hone my skills as an artist.  I feel like that experience overall helped me learn the beauty photography and I think all photographers should step away from their digital SLRs and learn what it feels like to create beautiful art manually from beginning to end.  I’ll tell you — it is one of the most rewarding and gratifying experiences.

With that said, here are some of my works from my second year.


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